Jersey Girls began in 2008 as a marketing company for CTex farm, a small family dairy milking about 160 Jersey cows,but the story goes back several years prior to 2008. CTex farm began in1992 as a partnership operating under a different name in Crowley, Texas. Within approximately 1&1/2 years of commencing operations one general partner was transferred in his"outside job" to Nacogdoches,Texas.The Courtneys elected to continue the business and bought the partner's interest,renaming the dairy its present name,CTex Farm.As the land the dairy was operating on was being developed for housing it was necessary to find a new location so the dairy was moved to its present location at Winnsboro in 1997. In 2007 a new milking facility was constructed in proximity to the existing one and milking operations commenced there in late summer. By late 2008, recognizing the continual decline in the commercial dairy business, the decision was made to try direct marketing CTex's milk and Jersey Girls was formed. The result has been a slow but mostly steady growth in business. In 2018,slightly less than1⁄2 of CTex's milk volume was sold at retail through Jersey Girls as either fluid milk or manufactured dairy products.

Farm Practices

  1. We milk Jersey(and a few Jersey-cross) cows because of their quality of milk ,their efficiency, and our fondness of the breed.
  2. Our cows are pastured year round. They are confined only long enough for their 2 daily milkings(about 2 hours average- total)
  3. Heifers and cows are NEVER given growth(rBGH) or milk(rBST) enhancing hormones.
  4. Cows are given approximately 2 months "off' prior to calving for "R&R" before their next lactation.
  5. Cows ration is approximately 85% forage(grass, silage, and dry hay) and 15% feed grain.(grain is not non-GMO)
  6. Milk from cows treated with antibiotics(rarely) is withheld from sale until the antibiotic residue in the milk is at an undetectable level (1/2 or less than FDA allowable limits)

Product Practices

  1. For off farm fluid milk sales we use low temperature"batch" pasteurization, causing MUCH less heat damage to the milk-we try to never exceed 147 degrees farenheit.
  2. Our milk is UN-homogenized, thus the nice cream line you see at the top of it.
  3. AII products except cottage cheese are made with whole Jersey milk(winter of 2018-2019 butterfat average 5.45%)
  4. ALL Jersey Girls products are sold with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee